What happens if my family hate having their photo taken?

If you and your family don’t enjoy having your photograph taken, I hear you. As a photographer it’s not my favourite either. But the good news is, it’s not a major issue because in this blog post I’ll share what to do if you’re thinking “What happens if my family hate having their photo taken?”.

Here are some of the things I hear a lot from my clients:

“I don’t like being photographed”

“I feel so uncomfortable in front of the camera.”

“I hate having my photo taken.”

There are various reasons you might not like having your photo taken, here are a few, and how I work with my family photography clients to counteract that feeling so you can relax and enjoy the photography session so that you’re no longer panicking “What happens if my family hate having their photo taken?”

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What happens if my family hate having their photo taken? Maybe you’ve seen ‘bad’ photos of yourselves

It’s highly likely that there are photos out there that you would prefer not to exist. Photos that you wanted to delete, dispose of, and forget they ever existed. We all have those, I certainly do! Most of these are not taken by professional photographers, will likely not have flattering light and were maybe taken when you were enjoying yourself a bit late at the party or family occasion. They most likely weren’t taken with professional camera equipment by someone who knows what lens to use, how to find the best light and what angles are going to be most flattering. 

Do take a look at my family photography portfolio so you’re happy with the examples I’ve shared and can decide if you’re happy to go ahead and book a session.

Maybe you’re used to selfies but not professional photos

A selfie becomes a way of seeing yourself that actually isn’t particularly accurate. Whether you hold your phone at a certain angle, or use certain apps to make yourself look different, or only ever use filters, this won’t be the same as a professional photographer might photograph you. 

When I work with my families, I encourage natural photography instead of posed. This is the best way to create a beautiful capture of your family at that moment in time. We will always work in a few photos where you are all together looking at the camera (as much as possible), but I want to capture you as your are… chaos, silliness and all!

Maybe you’re worried you won’t know how to stand or what to do with your hands

Chances are you’re not a professional model so guess what? It’s completely normal to not know how to stand to get the best photos. As an experienced family photographer, I will have a chat with you and see how you and your family would like to be photographed before the session takes place. We’ll go through what you might be wearing, whether it’s indoors or outdoors and what you might be doing. It’s my job to get the best photos possible so you can relax and enjoy the time together.

Maybe you don’t want to say cheese

If you’re panicking “What happens if my family hate having their photo taken?” because I’ll make you say cheese? Don’t worry, I will never do this! It’s in my professional interest as a photographer to help you feel relaxed, confident and natural. That isn’t going to come from smiling on demand and saying CHEESE. It’s all about having fun, being yourselves and spending time together as a family. And if your little one has a meltdown or a tantrum, don’t worry. We roll with it. One of my recent clients actually told me one of her favourite photos of her son as a baby was when he was screaming the house down. It makes her laugh now and as she said ‘will be a great way to embarrass him when he is older!’.

What happens if my family hate having their photo taken? Maybe you don’t like how you look

I completely get it. We all have time when we don’t feel great about ourselves. But actually the best photos come when you can relax and enjoy the time with your family. The family photo session should not add pressure to look or be a certain way. Its a moment in time with you and your loved ones and a chance to just be you. When you have fun with the people you love the most, you’re more confident and that shines through. We’ll talk through what you’re going to wear, and different possibilities. We’ll talk about ideas and any insecurities you might have. I’m here to give you the best experience possible. 

If you’re going through any of these concerns, do speak to me about your worries. Chances are I know what you can do to help overcome your worries.

I love natural family photography

I love getting to know you and your family. I love chatting away and playing with the kids. If you have a dog and want them to be involved, all the better! Essentially you want to capture these memories, and I want to give you the best photographs of you and your family. 

Thanks for stopping by and get in touch to chat more,

Fee x


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