London family photography – 6 tips on what happens if it rains during my family photography session?

When I’m working with families for my family photography sessions, I’ll often get asked about the Great British weather. What happens if it rains on my family photography session?

Now of course the plus side is, I’ve been doing this a while and I live in the UK which means I’m very much used to dealing with ever changing and precarious weather.

Here’s what happens if it rains on your family photography session:


  • If it does actually rain, do you want to reschedule?

One of the first things I do is ask you if you’d still like to go ahead if the weather is looking like rain, or if you’d like to reschedule for another date. I’d much prefer you to enjoy yourselves on the shoot rather than be stomping around in the rain resenting the whole idea!

couple with young daughter under umbrella What happens if it rains during my family photography session?

  • Checking weather apps on my phone

I’ve photographed in the soggiest of days and amazing scorcher of days, and so I keep a close eye on my weather apps in the days leading up to the shoot so that I’m properly prepared for your family photography session. I don’t look too far ahead as who knows what might happen with the weather no matter the time of year. If it looks like it’s going to be horrendous weather we can of course reschedule. If it looks like it’s going to be light rain, we can speak and make a plan. Umbrellas, wellies and raincoats can still make for great photos and there are often places to shelter during the shoot.


  • We can photograph you at home

Of course the weather isn’t the only unpredictable bit of a family photography session. You may have a baby that needs a nap, or a child that needs a time out moment or a snack. If this is the case we may well start at home and can always head outside once the weather is good and the children are relaxed. We could use your back garden or your front doorstep, I’ve photographed it all.

maternity photography London couple with young baby silly faces What happens if it rains during my family photography session?

  • Bring practical things to help

Towels + anything else to dry yourselves off with will be useful to pack.

Of course, parents have to be rainproofed as well as kids, so make sure you bring the right products to keep frizzy hair at bay and out of your face. 

Bring a change of clothes for everyone in the family, as you never know! (drinks, snacks, as well as rain, need I say more?)

I’ve got a blog post on what you can wear to a family photography session here, which will help you decide too.


  • Why not have a rainy day photoshoot?

If your child is anything like mine, wellies and a coat is all that they need to protect against the rain (if you can get them to actually wear a coat that is!)

It’s not an issue with the camera if it rains, and some of my favourite shoots have happened on wet (and snowy) days. Why not jazz it up with brightly coloured coats + clear umbrellas for all the family?

children in the snow heavy snow londonblack and white family photography kent

  • Adjusting the time of your shoot

Of course with the unpredictable weather it might be that rain is forecast earlier in the day than anticipated in which case, if my schedule permits, we can rearrange the start time of the shoot. As we’ll be liaising on the location anyway, I like to suggest a place where there is some shelter so we can get out of the rain if and when it happens.

So there we are, my top six tips on what happens if it rains on your family photo shoot! I hope you found these tips useful. If you’d like to check my availability to photograph your family, please get in touch and let’s talk through some options.

Thanks for stopping by,

Fee x