Naturally beautiful makeup and looking your best on screen – Tips from makeup artist Amanda White

Very happy to have Amanda back on the blog for more top makeup tips. This time she’s sharing her routine for naturally beautiful makeup and how to look your best on screen. Without further ado, take it away…

I am sure for so many of you reading this, that your work and social life over the last year has mainly played out over a screen.  I know for many companies the transition from office to working from home was at first unthinkable. But as we approach summer 2021 it seems that working from home or flexible working will soon be even more apparent for our future and what the future of “the workplace” may look like. Offices may become only places to have meetings or group events rather than an everyday occurrence.

The lapse routine and the fact that nothing socially has happened in a while has become the norm (those jogging bottoms have more than out welcomed their stay). However, there is nothing more productive than feeling fresh and ready to tackle a task. As we approach what I hope to be the opening up for normal life, we will start to see an interlacing between social plans, work plans but still working around a flexible working office and zoom call environment.

So, I wanted to give you my quick top tips on how to get a naturally beautiful makeup routine in place, to give you so much confidence for those work zoom calls, social meetings and dinner events that we will all be embracing with such gusto this year – cos man have we missed them!


Foundation/ CC Cream

This for so many people can be a massive minefield. With so many products to choose from, in so many tones it can be ridiculous trying to find the perfect foundation. It’s a bit like finding perfect jeans!

Here are my TOP TIPS:

  • The dewier/ more radiant the foundation the more youthful it will look. If you are above the age of 45, I would avoid anything mattifying like the plague. It will only highlight lines and wrinkles and will potentially age you.
  • A highly covering foundation can be great if you have particularly spotty, uneven skin tone. Otherwise, a medium to light coverage is perfectly fine and will sit better for you.
  • You do not need to wear foundation everywhere – you can wear it only in areas you feel needs evening out.
  • When picking a foundation don’t test it on your hand. Always test it on your neck going up to your jaw. Look at it in natural light.
  • Foundation should always blur to your natural tone. DO NOT use foundation as a way of “Warming up” your skin tone. That is what Bronzer is for and you risk that awful orange look around the jawline.

Some of my go to foundations which I find give enough coverage, are radiant and look beautiful on screen are:

  • Girogio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation
  • Nars – Sheer Glow
  • By Terry – hyaluronic foundation
  • It Cosmetics – CC cream
  • Delilah Alibi foundation – only use if you are under 45 and need something quite covering.



Almost all of my clients always complain about their dark circles around their eyes. It is my most frequently requested thing to do is “cover my eye bags” So here are my top tips surrounding this topic:

  • Find a concealer that is covering, a highlighter like YSL Touché éclat will brighten but not cover. Use the two together and it’s a match made in heaven.
  • Apply not just to the underneath but the inner part of your eye near your ridge of your nose. This is where your eyes are the darkest. This will instantly lift
  • Concealers for under eyes should be a touch yellow/orange for grey undertones. Don’t go crazy though it still needs to look natural.

Some of my most favourite under eye concealers and brighteners are:

  • Touch Eclat YSL (brightener)
  • Nars – Creamy concealer (concealer)
  • Becca- Eye brightener
  • Beauty Pie – Super Luminous Under Eye Genius
  • IT cosmetics – Bye Bye under eye


Socket Highlighting

Just to emphasise the eyes more, I like to run a touch of bronzer along the outer edge/ socket line of the eye. This will make the eyes appear more defined in a soft and natural way, without having to use loads of eyeshadows, this is my go too for a quick fix. Make sure your bronzer is matte rather than shimmery.



Mascara is probably the most beneficial item in all of this routine. Applying mascara instantly lifts the eyes, making you look more awake. Black mascaras in particular really enhance the eyes and by defining the lashes, creating more volume and length this really will make a huge difference to how you look and ultimately how you feel.

Some of my most favourite mascaras are:

  • Chanel Volume Clis Mascara
  • Lancôme Hypnóse Mascara
  • Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Mascara


Brows (never forget these – they frame our face)

Sometimes brows are overlooked. But they really do frame the face. If you were to change the shape or colour of your brow, you will most certainly feel different. If you subtly fill your brows, or very slightly change the shape this will make your on-screen makeup come to life. It will enhance the eye area as well as bringing your face to life. I like to use brush like strokes using an angled brow brush to make it appear more natural. Don’t over fill, or “block” this will look un-natural and too heavy.

Some brilliant brow products are:

  • Beauty Pie – Super brow pencil
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade


Bronzer vs Blusher

Firstly, there doesn’t have to be one versus the other. You can wear both. Bronzer we use to add warmth and depth to the skin. We can use it to contour slightly our cheekbones, giving another dimension to the makeup. Blusher gives back colour and can really elevate a makeup and make you feel more radiant and fresher looking.

My favourite bronzers and blushers are:

  • NARS – Orgasm blush
  • NARS – Laguna Bronzer
  • Chanel – Soleil Tan De Chanel
  • Hourglass Ambient Glow Bronzer
  • Cosmetics A La Carté Coral Blush
  • Beauty Pie – Supercheek Blushers



Finally Highlight will add the final layer to bringing another dimension to the face. Adding a bit of highlight on the top of your cheekbone and under your brow bone will make you look naturally glowing. These are the areas that will catch light well and look great on camera.

Some of my favs are:

  • Iconic London Illuminator
  • Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow
  • Benefit High Beam

I hope this helps you gain some confidence and insight to a makeup routine that will make you look visibly brighter and more radiant, without looking too made up, or something that will take hours to master.

Now fingers crossed that June 21st happens and people can see your handy makeup work in the flesh rather than on screen! I can’t wait!

Thanks so much Amanda, I will definitely be checking out some of these and getting myself ready to socialise in person again! You can see more of Amanda’s fabulous makeup on her website and if you want to read more of Amanda’s top tips you can check out her first post ‘your perfect wedding skincare plan‘.

Have a wonderful day and thanks for popping by

Fee x