Three Ways to Make Your Wedding Music Memorable

Hi there! Today I’m thrilled to have a special guest post to share. The lovely peeps from Freak Music have put together some great ideas to make your wedding music memorable.

Most couples choose to have music at their weddings, whether they hire a DJ or choose to have a live band performing at their party. While music as wedding entertainment will always have a place, wouldn’t it be great if for your own upcoming wedding you had some options that were a little different from those we traditionally choose from?

Here are three options for you to do something different and make your wedding music memorable and a little bit different.

Ideas to make your wedding music memorable by Freak Music

Hire a Jukebox

Hiring an American 50’s diner jukebox probably won’t be cheap, but at least it’ll give everyone the opportunity to choose some of the music that will play at your party. It also means you don’t need to worry about liaising with a DJ throughout the evening, or being summoned onto a platform to give a speech that you really don’t want to give.

As well as being a great way to do music differently, if you’ve opted for a 50’s style theme at your wedding then this is a great way to top it all off. Remember when looking into jukebox hire if it can be organized so all your favourite songs are available. It might be worth finding out how you can override it so you maintain some sense of control, too!

Hire a Jukebox Freak Music ideas to make your wedding music memorable

Have a Silent Disco

When it comes to left field wedding party ideas, this is perhaps one of the wackiest we’ve ever heard.

A friend of ours told us they’d experienced a silent disco at a wedding after a couple had only found out about their venue’s noise restriction rules with days to go before their wedding, but thinking on their feet decided to tell everyone to ensure they had their music on their phones or iPod devices ready to party. They even created a playlist based on the songs they were going to get their DJ to play so everyone could experience the wedding party in full.

This probably isn’t something that would appeal to everyone, but what a great idea if you can make it happen!


A Twist on Karaoke

We know karaoke is a little – okay, a lot – like Marmite, which is why if you choose to have karaoke at your wedding you need to do it differently.

So, what you’re not going to do is book karaoke and leave it open for anyone to stand up and sing the usual stuff. Groups of either sex singing I Will Survive and Sex on Fire can be kept well away from the party, thank you very much.

You need your guests to buy into this (it’s always best if you pre-warn them rather than surprise them on the day), but what you need to do is either hire a karaoke provider that can randomize the songs it pulls up, and have a specific list of when people will sing – so no getting out of it – or have only a specific genre of music allowed. If everyone lets their hair down and gets involved, this can be a fantastic idea and a way to get all of your guests involved in the party.

Freak Music ideas to make your wedding music memorable Karaoke to make your wedding music memorable by Freak MusicSilent Disco at your wedding Freak Music memorable wedding music tips Freak Music is the UK's leading provider of wedding music and entertainment

Freak Music is the UK’s leading provider of wedding music and entertainment, providing a variety of music options for weddings across the UK. Some of the most popular bands include The Skip Jacks and The Faithettes. The Faithettes are Paloma Faith’s backing band and are highly sought after!

If you plan on a more traditional wedding music experience, you can use Freak Music’s website to shortlist your favourite bands and book them directly for your big day.

The Faithettes wedding band Freak Music The Skip Jacks wedding band Freak Music

Hope you have enjoyed this blog post about ideas to make your wedding music memorable. If you opt to do something different at your wedding then get in touch and let me know how it went!

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