Do I need a second photographer at my wedding?

Booking your wedding photographer is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make about your wedding. It takes time, research and lots of inspiration to find the best photographer for you, and that’s before any other considerations, such as: ‘Do I need a second photographer at my wedding?’.

I have photographed many weddings on my own, without a second photographer, and continue to do that with no issues at all. However, there are times when having that second person can bring huge benefits.

If you book Fiona Kelly Photography to photograph your wedding, you’ll get me behind the camera or you can choose to book my associate photographer Jesse. But if you think the answer to ‘do I need a second photographer at my wedding?’ is yes, then the talented Jesse, or one of my experienced second photographers, will join us too! So, why should you consider booking two of us to capture your day?


You can be in two places at once with two photographers

With the best will in the world, I can only be in one place at one time.

During a wedding day, there are often so many moments of laughter and love – times you’ll want to treasure. Many of them take place during the privacy of your wedding morning when you’re filled with butterflies and surrounded by your favourite people. But if you only have one photographer and are getting ready in different places, you’ll only capture those memories for one half of the couple.

If there’s one thing my second shooter Jesse and I love best, it’s capturing the fleeting moments that you could miss with a blink. Those special moments of excitement, laughter and emotion that happen when you are with your loved ones.

After the ceremony, it’s time for you to enjoy a canape or two and enjoy the celebrations. With two of us photographing your wedding, you get your family shots easily captured, the beautiful details of the room set up, relaxed portraits of the two of you AND lots of fabulous candid shots of you and your guests having fun. If you are having a large wedding, with lots of guests, having a second photographer is essential to capturing as much of the day as possible.

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You can capture 360 degrees

The grins of your guests seated behind you as you slide your rings onto each other’s fingers. The beautiful backdrop at the end of the aisle that you’ve chosen to mark the big moment. The breath-taking back and train of your dress, as well as you and your father’s smiles as you make your way down the aisle.

With one photographer positioned at either end of the aisle, you’ll get to capture both perspectives with minimum movement or distraction during your ceremony. That means you can focus on the most amazing moment between the two of you, while it’s beautifully documented from behind the scenes. There’s no need to compromise on your photography wish list, no ‘either-or’ decision – you can have it all. This is particularly helpful in churches or in spaces where it’s not easy to move around.

You get twice the creativity

What happens if you want your fine art photographer to capture amazing photos with coloured smoke flares? Or you dream of sparkler-lit photograph that swirls round and round you while you embrace? You need an extra pair of hands. If you’re keen on getting more creative wedding photos, then the answer to ‘do I need a second photographer at my wedding?’ should be a resounding yes.

For all this advice this isn’t something that you should be worried about organising yourself. Bringing a second photographer along is something your primary photographer will arrange. You just need to let them know it’s something you are wanting to add to your photography package.

I am very lucky to have the very wonderful Jesse, who assists me at many of the weddings where two photographers are needed. However, sometimes she isn’t available so I have a number of other excellent photographers that I can call on. It’s important to me that anyone I bring along to your wedding not only has a style that is in keeping with my own. They are also professional photographers with experience in how to photograph a wedding, and they are always lovely, friendly people!

Find out more about me by checking out my ABOUT ME page. You can also browse through wedding photo galleries to find images to inspire you.

Thanks for popping by and reading,

Fee x

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