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February 17, 2016

Top tips for choosing your wedding stationery

Its been so wonderful sharing so many great tips from some of the wedding industries best and brightest. Today is no exception. I’m thrilled to have three wonderful and talented graphic designers/stationery designers to share a little about their work and a few top tips for choosing your wedding stationery. Welcome to Emmy Designs, Knots & Kisses and Ananya Designs. Enjoy!

Emmy Designs

What do you love about wedding stationery?

The thing I love the most about wedding stationery is how personal it can be! If you are a laid back couple who are having a small laid back wedding, your wedding stationery could still be amazing but not so fancy! If you are planning an extravagant wedding, then why not send an invite that really wows your guests and gets them excited for the big day! You can really set the tone with an invite and let your guests know what to expect!

Where should a couple start with their wedding stationery?

The first thing that I tell my customers to do, is to make a Pinterest board. Pinterest is an amazing place to find ideas for a wedding! If you make a board with ideas and images that represent your big day, it really helps a wedding stationer to get a feel for the styles colours and theme you are hoping for!

What do you think wedding stationery adds to a couple’s special day?

Wedding stationery isn’t just about the invite, you can really style your wedding with matching on the day items too! To really make your wedding day stand out, you can add matching menus, an order of service, table plans, name cards and much more! It makes the day feel a lot more planned out then if you were to have lots of mismatched items!

How would you advise couples to make their stationery unique for their wedding?

To make wedding stationery unique, I would really advise couples to go for a bespoke wedding stationery design. Take the time to think about the style of the big day, and come up with ideas that you’d like to use in the stationery to set the tone! By going for a bespoke design, you know that the wedding guests will not have seen an invite like that before!

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Emmy Designs Wedding Stationary

Ananya designs

What do you love about wedding stationery?

Wedding stationery creates excitement in the recipient and gives them the first glimpse into a couple’s wedding style and theme. With an amazing array of designs, styles, fonts, etc. to choose from, the couple can truly make the invitation as unique and individual as them.

Where should a couple start with their wedding stationery?

First, decide on the style of the invitation. Does the couple want the invitation to reflect their chosen venue, a particular season, a trend or destination? Once that has been decided, then the save the date/invitation should be designed to reflect that style. The rest of the stationery (place cards, menus, seating plans etc) would then follow in the same style.

What do you think wedding stationery adds to a couple’s special day?

Wedding stationery can become a true reflection of the style and identity of the couple by incorporating aspects that have special significance to them. With consistency throughout the whole suite of stationery, their personality can shine through. The stationery can be a souvenir from the wedding, making it a keepsake for the guests. After the champagne’s been drunk, the confetti’s been thrown and the first dance is over, the invitation and stationery will remain a lovely keepsake and can be looked at again over the years, by the couple as well as by guests.

How would you advise couples to make their stationery unique for their wedding?

There are various ways to make their stationery stand out and be unique to them. An increasingly popular way is to have a monogram on the invitation. This can be the initials of the couple or a particular motif that is significant to them. The invitation could incorporate a swatch of fabric, a colour palette or a symbol of their cultural heritage.

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Ananya Designs Wedding Stationary

Knots & Kisses

What do you love about wedding stationery?

For me stationery has always been a passion – this is going to sound very sad but there is nothing better than holding a quality piece of card. As an art student I spent quite a lot of time in art shops just feeling the watercolour papers and card textures, picking the right one for the project I was working on. So for me having a piece of paper in your hand that has been lovingly designed and crafted is a joy. Receiving something like this from someone who is inviting you to their wedding is quite an emotional thing and really sets the tone for the whole day. The invitation is the first indication your guests will have as to the style you have in mind for your day. As well as the nuts and bolts of the information it provides the style of it will give your guests a key idea as to the formality and the essence of the whole day.

Where should a couple start with their wedding stationery?

I think as well as the many ideas you may automatically have as to how you want your wedding to feel and look, even if you have a very set colour scheme that you have always wanted or set your heart on … the venue you have chosen is a key starting point to deciding on your wedding stationery. I’m currently very excitingly planning my own wedding and, as you can imagine, have hundreds of ideas for colour schemes and the stationery I want to design. I’m sitting on my hands for a while though as I really want to have a wedding venue in place before making a final decision on the style of stationery I want to go for. I think it’s very important that the stationery reflects the wedding day and if you end up picking a venue with a very Art Deco feel but you already have your heart set on some stationery which is very fifties in style then your scheme just isn’t going to come together and be cohesive. So use your venue and your ideas on colour as a starting point and start searching for stationery which reflects both.

What do you think wedding stationery adds to a couple’s special day?

As well as setting the tone prior to the wedding, stationery can really add to the day itself. On a practical level Order of Service, Table Plans, Placecards etc. all provide vital information to your guests to make sure your day runs smoothly and that they know what will be happening when and where they need to be. On a much more stylistic level stationery can really pull a look together. Stationery is a great way to keep a colour or pattern theme running through the day which may be impossible to achieve with flowers etc.

How would you advise couples to make their stationery unique for their wedding?

I think weddings should be approached as a whole by couples as an exercise in trying to reflect the two of you as a couple. Trying to recreate a look you have seen in a magazine wholesale is never going to make your day unique or special. I love trends and definitely keep an eye on them and will undoubtedly be incorporating some into my own ‘big day’, but I think to make your wedding unique and special to you needs you to sit down and write a list of who you are and what styles and motifs reflect you as a couple. If you use this list as a starting point and have these things at the heart of your wedding planning, even if you add other trends and ideas along the way, the wedding should really reflect you as a couple. Creating a Pinterest board to pull your look together should help keep things cohesive and this is a fantastic tool to give to your stationer so they can get a real feel for what you are trying to achieve. Although I would definitely advise not having too many pictures of stationery on the board – your stationer is much more likely to come up with a design which is unique to you if they are not being influenced by other styles and designs which already exist.

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Hope you have enjoyed this post with wedding top tips for choosing your wedding stationery. Would love to hear from you about your plans and your ideas about your wedding stationery. Feel free to share!

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