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January 21, 2016

Top tips for choosing your wedding cake

It’s a happy day when I get to talk about cake! Today I have some great top tips to share about choosing your wedding cake. I have asked some of my favourite cake makers to share a little about their business and also their recommendations for what to look out for when choosing your wedding cake.

luxury wedding cake elizabeth solaru - wedding top tips

Elizabeth Solaru

What do you love about creating wedding cakes?
Creating wedding cakes is such a joy for me. I love the creative process from the generation of ideas and concepts, producing mock-ups to the actual creation of the cakes. I often encourage brides and grooms to email or bring to our meetings a design/inspiration pack which may include stationery, fabric swatches, photographs etc as inspiration can come from anything, even their hobbies or professions. The cakes we create tend to be custom made and bespoke which requires hours of work, and it is gratifying to see the cake get the spotlight it deserves.

Where should a couple start when considering their wedding cake?
It’s important to give your cake maker as much notice as possible and at Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium we often ask for a minimum of three months notice, especially if the wedding is between the months of April to September as dates get booked up pretty quickly. We will advise on a cake that’s compatible with the look of the venue, the season, the wedding style and colours, the flower arrangements and even the wedding dress. We will also make suggestions on flavour pairings taking your menu into consideration.

How can a couple make their wedding cake unique for them?
There are a number of ways couples can make their wedding cake unique. Some include the use of bold colours, unusual shapes, the commissioning of fabulous cake toppers, and using cool textures and patterns on the cake. Couples may also decide to go really big on cake size and height or really small with mini cakes. Recently we’ve made quite a few suspended cakes which often cause quite a stir!

What’s your favourite cake flavour?

It’s soo hard to narrow it down to one as all our cakes are so delicious and we offer over 50 different flavours of them! My current favourite is our Vanilla cake with pure hazelnut filling and chocolate ganache which always goes down a treat. My favourite part of my job is developing new flavours and we have some new ones in mind for 2016.

Do you have any other ideas or alternatives to a single cake at weddings?

In my opinion, the classic wedding cake will never go out of style. The cake is the focal point at the reception, the only guest at the wedding to have its own table and one of the first duties of the bride and groom are cutting the cake together. However, more couples are breaking the mould by looking for alternative cake ideas that complement their special day and reflects their personalities. Alternatives to a wedding cake include dessert tables, macaron towers, oreo cookie stacks, doughnut towers, pancake stacks, croquembouche, dipped strawberry towers, cheesecakes, pies, cake pops, pie pops and even real cheeses.

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Luxury white wedding cake with pink roses - elizabeth solar

Cakes by Elisabeth Solaru.

Cakes by Krishanthi

What do you love about creating wedding cakes?

It sounds clichéd, but I love being a part of such an important day in people’s lives. It’s also one of the few occasions when people want something really special in a cake, and I love that it allows me to be creative.

Where should a couple start when considering their wedding cake?

Firstly, don’t leave it too late to start thinking about your wedding cake; many cake designers’ diaries start filling up 6 months in advance. A good place to start is to think about the style of your wedding – the venue, the colours, the mood you’re trying to create – then try to visualise the wedding cake that fits perfectly. Flick through magazines or browse the internet for inspiration, and note any common features between the designs you are drawn to. This will help you communicate what you like with your cake designer.

How can a couple make their wedding cake unique for them?

Often, the most unique cakes aren’t those where the couple deliberately tries to make their cake unique. Couples who choose a design that fits them and their personality, without being constrained by the shoulds and shouldn’t that often comes with weddings, are the couples who end up with the most unique and personal designs.

What’s your favourite cake flavour?

Our most popular flavour is the almond infused with clementine syrup. But I personally adore the green tea cake. It was a special request from a couple, and after spending hours experimenting to get the perfect recipe, I just love how it turned out and it’s become my personal favourite.

Do you have any other ideas or alternatives to a single cake at weddings?

Dessert tables, laden with a selection of cakes, macarons, meringues, brownies, and any other sweet treats you can think of,  are becoming increasingly popular at weddings. They’re great for creating an impressive display and there should be something to please everyone.

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Macarons and pastel blue wedding cake cakes by krisanthiPeacock theme wedding cake - cakes by krisanthi

Cakes by Cakes by Krishanthi.

Arianna Lauren

What do you love about creating wedding cakes?

I love that when making a wedding cake, I can create a piece of a couple’s most special day. While they are an expression of my creativity, they are also specifically designed for each couple to have a unique, personal touch that reflects them.

Where should a couple start when considering their wedding cake?

Having an idea of the number of people at the wedding can determine the size of the cake. However, if you wish to have a big statement piece or if the wedding is in a large venue, fake tiers can boost the size without having excess amounts of cake to spare (although, too much cake should never really be a problem!) and may lower the cost. I would also consider the flavours you would like and the best way to do that is to have a tasting. I feel it is very important for a cake to taste delicious as well as to look good, so it is always best to sample before ordering.

How can a couple make their wedding cake unique for them?

I like to make each wedding cake especially for each couple, which means each one is completely unique! Inspiration can be taken from the venue, dress, colour schemes, flowers, artwork and even memories. Creating a Pinterest or mood board is a great way of pulling all of the ideas together, which can then be discussed at a consultation.

What’s your favourite cake flavour?

Always chocolate! I’m in the process of testing chocolate and cherry cake recipes, I think they are one of the most under-used combinations. Saying that, I wouldn’t turn down any combination if it has chocolate in it.

Do you have any other ideas or alternatives to a single cake at weddings?

Sweet tables look amazing at weddings and allow your guests to snack of a variety of treats throughout the night. Macarons, especially a tower, look refined and elegant and can be decorated with flowers to create a real statement. Your sweet table could include pretty meringues, biscuits, cupcakes, choux buns and cake pops, which can all be styled to your theme and colour scheme of the day. Lollipops are really on-trend right now; chocolate or classic hard-boiled sugar pops can include edible flowers and messages which make for unique and delicious wedding favours.

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luxury wedding cake creative theme - arianna lauren

Cakes by Arianna Lauren.

As you can see that there are many options when it comes to choosing your wedding cake. Hopefully, you have a few ideas or top tips for where to start. For me, I would start by make sure that the cake tastes good (and all the talented ladies featured make seriously tasty cake). After that be inspired by your venue, what you like in terms of cake or sweets and what the style of your wedding is.

Queen of Herts luxury wedding cake Hertfordshire

Cake by Queen of Herts.

tower of macarons for wedding cake - fiona kelly photography

Cake & Macarons by Miss Macaroon.

White tiered wedding cake with pastel flowers - fiona Kelly photography

Cake by Mrs Robinsons Cakes.

Bright primary colours wedding cake - fiona kelly photography

 Cake by The Exclusive Cupcake.

Above all else, have fun choosing your wedding cake. Going for tastings before your wedding day has to be a bit of a highlight!

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