Top tips for Choosing your bridal accessories

Today I have some great top tips to share, direct from some of the most wonderful bridal accessories designers. I have asked some of my fave accessories designers to share a little about their business and also their recommendations for choosing your bridal accessories. From veils to jewellery to shoes, this lot has it covered.

Britten Weddings – veils, accessories & jewellery

What do you love about designing bridal accessories?

I’ve always loved accessories and how they can transform an outfit. I studied accessory design at Cordwainers College, London College of Fashion and started my career designing leather handbags and couture footwear. When I discovered designing wedding accessories I was hooked as you can be so much more creative and use such amazing materials.

How should a bride pick her wedding accessories?

It depends on the bride and what you love, I love accessories so I’d pick a very simple dress and my favourite statement headpiece and veil. If you are more dress focused pick your dress first and then decide what styles of accessories would best suit it. We are happy to offer styling advice so do get in touch.

Are there any rules you’d like to share with brides about accessories?

It’s your wedding wear what you love and don’t follow any rules.

What’s your inspiration when designing accessories for brides?

It tends to be botanical nature and brides themselves. We have learnt so much since opening our new bridal accessories boutique in Bradford on Avon. We love nothing more than meeting brides and creating bespoke accessories for them. Bespoke veils are particularly popular at the moment!

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Glitzy glamorous bride with sparkly hair accessories

Freya Rose – designer shoes


What do you love about designing bridal accessories?

There is something very magical and enchanting about the bridal industry. I work without boundaries and love incorporating and using the most wonderful and luxurious materials. I love the way that shoes and bridal accessories can have such an impact and can make someone feel so special on their big day.

 How should a bride pick her wedding accessories?

Modern brides want every single detail of their ensemble to be perfect, so when selecting their shoes and accessories, the detail and quality is paramount. Brides seem to enjoy matching their shoes and belts with the embellishments and colours in their gown but also like to have a little fun with it. It’s a chance for brides to wear a beautiful, opulent shoe because after all it is the most important day in their life. Brides should consider what embellishments are on their wedding gown and try to match their accessories to those. They should also consider whether they’d like to wear their shoes again if so they can opt for a dyeable silk shoe. Finally and most importantly, do not leave your shoes and accessories until the last minute!

Are there any rules you’d like to share with brides about accessories?

It is the biggest day of your life. Shoes are the sculpture that will not only hold you but your soul and your spirit. Every girl feels special in beautiful heels but there are a few things that certainly need to be considered, particularly when it comes to your wedding shoes.

1. Consider the heel height and toe shape you are looking for. In our classic collection, we offer something that will suit everybody, concentrating on fit, line contour and being flattering and sexy. Once you have the right shape, you can then think about customising and having details added. Choose a heel height you feel comfortable in and a shoe shape you would usually wear.

2. Consider the season or climate you will be getting married in. Open slingbacks are better if you are getting married in a hotter climate and peep toes are good all year round. The Emma Shoes are perfect if you are getting married on a beach as they are a flat peep toe style, made with the finest French Chantilly lace, which makes them very breathable. It’s advisable to wear an unlined shoe if you are getting married in a hot climate, such as our Michelle shoes.

3. Consider the design of your dress. If your dress is heavily detailed perhaps opt for smaller, more subtle details on your shoes, such as pearl buttons or the mother of pearl heel.

What’s your inspiration when designing accessories for brides?

I seem to find inspiration everywhere, often while I’m travelling. My most recent collection of shoes and accessories takes influence from the architectural indulgence of 1920s New York, the ‘Manhattan’ collection sees contemporary silhouettes bejewelled with vintage opulence.  It is inspired by the Art Deco details that highlight the city and portray its decadent party scene.

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Victoria Millesime – headpieces & jewellery

What do you love about designing bridal accessories?

I have been designing and making jewellery since I was a teenager, so when I was getting married in 2009, I made my own headpiece to perfectly match my dress. I simply fell in love with the creativity and beauty of designing bridal accessories – they are theatrical, ethereal and delicately feminine all at once. Victoria Millesime was launched that same year and has grown from year to year. I have loved being part of this burgeoning wedding industry: the last 7 years has seen an explosion of talent in small businesses be that blogs, photographers, wedding planners or designers. The support and encouragement I have received from this closely-knit community, as well as all my lovely brides over the years, has really helped me take my business from strength to strength.

How should a bride pick her wedding accessories?

Have fun and follow your heart! Let yourself fall in love with your accessories, and, if your budget allows, choose something that will become an heirloom to hand down to future generations. It is perhaps unlikely that your future daughter will wear your wedding dress, but a beautiful, vintage tiara or delicately hand-beaded pear hair vine is something that is timeless and adaptable.

When you come for an appointment, bring a close friend or two and plenty of inspiration – whether that’s your Pinterest board on an iPad, off-cuts from your wedding dress alterations (we frequently incorporate these off-cuts into bespoke pieces for brides), colour samples etc. Make sure you have plenty of time and try on lots of different pieces, even things you may not have considered before. We always allow you to take photos so you can see yourself from all angles and take your time choosing the perfect piece once you get home.

Are there any rules you’d like to share with brides about accessories?

I think, with a few exceptions, the most important rule is to choose your dress first. Once you have chosen your perfect dress, your accessories will naturally fall into place. For example, a heavily beaded, Jenny Packham style dress would not suit a floral headpiece and vice versa! The colour and overall tone of your dress will also guide you in your choice of accessories – whether to go for gold or silver tones, and whether you can include some colour in your piece.

The next main piece of advice I would give is to choose one statement piece – if you have chosen a statement headdress, I would avoid wearing a large necklace. A headpiece can be nicely paired with a cuff, but these should be of a similar design so they complement each other.

And finally, think about how your guests (and your photographer) will see you from all angles – a double cluster side tiara will adorn both sides of your head so it can be seen from any angle. Equally, a long trailing hair vine or crown, or a selection of pins, will also be seen from many angles and ensure your photographs are beautiful wherever they are taken.

What’s your inspiration when designing accessories for brides?

I’m constantly inspired by the materials I work with – seeing a beautiful gemstone or piece of French lace instantly gets my imagination going. While I do keep a close eye on developments in bridal fashion, I am not overly driven by current trends, as I prefer to design pieces that will be beautiful this year, next year and for many years to come. I like to think my designs will become treasured heirlooms for future generations to come.

My signature style is soft and feminine, channelling luxury from a bygone time for the modern-day bride. We use only the best quality materials – Swarovski crystals, genuine freshwater pearls, beautiful raw silk, and the most exquisitely beaded French lace. My designs tend to combine a variety of materials – I love the contrast of mixing delicate, soft lace with sparkly rhinestones and vintage components to create really unique pieces to perfectly complement each bride’s dress.

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I would love to hear what you are choosing for your bridal accessories and shoes. Are you going vintage, contemporary or quirky? Will it be a beautifully designed bespoke piece of jewellery or a fresh flower crown for your hair? Do you fancy a customised pair of shoes that match with your wedding style or will you go for a designer name? It’s great to put your own personality and style into the accessories for your wedding day.

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Hope this gives some ideas and top tips for choosing your bridal accessories. Please do share with anyone you think might find this a useful guide.

You can find more wedding ideas and inspiration by visiting my wedding planning guide.

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