I get really excited about wedding enquiries for couples who are over 40. Maybe it’s because I’m in the same age bracket but there’s something really special about photographing weddings for slightly older couples. I’m all for love at any age and celebrating the fact that love has no age limit. According to latest stats, the age of people getting married is on the rise, did you know that? Whatever age you are you should always plan the wedding you want, and in my experience being a little older is even more reason to do your wedding your way.

Being in the 40+ club myself I thought it would be great to celebrate weddings for older couples. There’s a lot of advice out there is telling you how you to dress a certain way, or that you need to be wary of this and that. I wanted to write something that was supportive and offered helpful advice, because weddings for couples who are a bit older are just as fabulous and exciting… and I love photographing them!

So here are my six wedding ideas for couples over 40!

over 40 couple bride smiling at the groom during an outdoor wedding ceremonyover 40 couple black bride in colourful dress stood next to white groom

Don’t worry about what others think

There can be a lot of pressure sometimes about wedding traditions and doing things a certain way. One thing that I love as you get a little older is that you don’t worry so much about what other people think. Which means some of the usual traditions might not be as important, especially if it’s your second time around. This is 100% the time to do your wedding your way. Make your own traditions, have the people you want there, go with your own style for your outfits and have an amazing day that’s right for you.

Be clearer on what you want

Next in my list of wedding ideas for couples over 40 – be clear on what you want as a couple.

What sort of day do you want? Who do you want to be there? What’s the most important thing for you on your wedding day? Make sure you are clear on what you want for your day. As you get older your priorities change so what was important when you were 20 most likely won’t be as important now.

Work out what’s important, whether that’s a small and intimate wedding, walking down the aisle together or a big celebratory party surrounded by your friends. It’s likely you will be paying for the day yourselves so be true to what you want.

Make it a fun and relaxed wedding

There is a lot to be said for getting older, especially when it comes to knowing your own mind and going with it! With less stress about what others think and more clarity on what you want as a couple, you know you want your wedding to be fun and relaxed. You know what’s important in life and building a life together is what you’re focusing on.

Keep the stress to a minimum by sticking to your priorities for the day…. get married to your best friend, have a blast with your loved ones and enjoy every second celebrating this fabulous moment in your life together.

black and white photo of bride and groom looking out of a window and walking through confetti

How to involve your family

Creating a life together over 40 brings into play all sorts of family dynamics. One of both of you might have kids, or grandkids. It may be your parents are no longer around, but you have aunties or uncles who you are really close to. It’s wonderful to find ways to involve your immediate families. It might be that you are walked down the aisle by your kids (or grandkids). You could include your closest family members in the wedding party. Ask your creative family members to help decorate the venue or get the bakers in the family to do a dessert table for the evening.

Bringing your families together and letting them be part of the day will be very special for them and you.

Get your friends involved

It’s likely that your friends are like your family. I know mine certainly are and we feel like we get closer every year as life sets challenges. Having your friends around you on your wedding day is the best. This is true whatever your age, but definitely is a huge part of your wedding day for couples over 40. It’s possible that some of your immediate family may not be around so having friends there to support, help and share the day is amazing.

There definitely seems less etiquette around having a wedding when you’re older. So if you’ve got a lovely group of friends around you who are talented and willing to help out, get them involved! You might ask them to make the cake or drive you to the ceremony. You might want your best friend to walk down the aisle with you. It all depends on what you want from your day.

Less is more

Now your wedding can be as fabulous as you like but that doesn’t mean it has to be a massive shindig. Sometimes less is more so if the idea of a large event fills you with dread don’t feel obligated. You could choose to have an elopement just the two of you, or maybe an intimate wedding ceremony and then a big party with your loved ones later. There are so many choices available and less pressure than ever to do things a particular way. Remember, have your wedding day your way and have the best day for you.

I hope these wedding ideas for couples over 40 has been helpful. Let me know if you want to run through any ideas with someone who has photographed weddings for over a decade, I’d be happy to chat!

It’s time to really celebrate love at all ages and getting married as an older couple. If you’d like to check my availability to photograph your wedding, please get in touch.

Thanks for stopping by,

Fee x

P.S. Do take a look at my wedding planning advice hub where I share tons of tips on how to plan your wedding in a stress-free way! I love photographing couples of all ages, sexuality, race – I don’t discriminate at all.

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