I have photographed over 350 weddings and witnessed all sorts of wedding days, from sunset ceremonies to early morning ‘I do’s’, from outdoor blessings to legal ceremonies a week before the big day. I’ve seen and photographed a lot of wedding days and seen wedding day stress happen a few times. The chances are you have never planned anything like this before in your life! It’s important to know how to make sure your wedding day is fun and fabulous not stressed and unenjoyable. In this blog, I wanted to share my top tips with you for a stress-free wedding, because your wedding doesn’t need to be guided by stress!

1. Invest in a wedding planner to take away wedding day stress

If your budget stretches to a living, breathing planning professional they can do wonders to help you keep your wedding day stress free. If not you can choose to use a planning app or treat yourself to a beautifully bound paper planner to keep keep everything in one place.

Most paper planners provide guest list trackers and timelines, as well as plenty of room to collate ideas. These are brilliant tools to have in the early stages. Use them for direction in small doses so your wedding starts to materialise without you feeling overwhelmed.

Planners also have invaluable sections for on the day, like a chapter for supplier contacts. Trust me, when your mum is trying to reach the florist or the venue coordinator wants to check what sound set-up is required, being able to hand over the details at the turn of the page will be a weight off your shoulders, so you can continue being pampered undisturbed.

If you go down the route of hiring a professional, there’s a wide range of options from full planner to on the day coordinator who will support you with managing the tasks and on the day timeline. I know some fabulous wedding planners and am always happy to share their details. 

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2. Plan out your wedding day timings

I am very keen on being organised (planners, notebooks and calendars are my friend!), but even if you’re not naturally inclined that way, I do recommend planning as much as you can before the day, as it will ensure your day is as relaxed as possible. In order to have a relaxed wedding day where you can enjoy spending quality time with your guests, it’s worth planning the timings.

You want to be able to have time for yourselves, enjoy every moment, get relaxed photos of the two of you, and not be rushed from one place to the next and be in the moment to take it all in so it doesn’t feel like it flew past.

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3. Find suppliers who understand what you want

I loved this tip from a gay couple Carl and Jack whose wedding I photographed a while ago:We were so lucky to find Fiona. Not only is she a brilliant photographer, but she takes the time to get to know you and what you want from the day. She fitted herself seamlessly into our plans and gave us so much advice that meant our day went perfectly. During our engagement shoot (a year before the special day) she spoke with us over coffee in Kew Gardens and got us used to being in front of a camera.”

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two grooms walk back down the aisle after getting married at The Asylum venue

4. Pack an emergency kit (with snacks!)

Snacks, water, sewing kit, hair grips, mascara, lippie, rescue remedy, plasters, tampons, antihistamines, prescribed medications, nail file, tweezers, whatever you might need, pop it in that bag. Honestly, you never know! I come to every wedding with a little kit of first aid essentials so can always be relied on for a plaster or paracetamol! I also recommend snacks and lots of them. On a wedding day, when you might not eat for quite a few hours, you don’t want to start getting grumpy and stressed because one of you is getting hangry!

5. Plan ways to make the day special for the two of you and take away wedding day stress

I love this tip from Amena and Iman whose London wedding I photographed a while ago:

Lists help keep me sane rather than keeping everything in my head. We took the time to think about what would make the day special and unique to us (beyond the usual list). I’d seen with friends that the to-do list for weddings can be so overwhelming that often those bits can be overlooked and then get squeezed in at the end.

Allocate tasks to each other – it makes it so much easier if one of you isn’t doing everything and just means you can focus on what you need to do. Then make sure you allocate time to discuss these things. It can kind of take over your mind so organising specific times to discuss wedding-specific things can help. 

A big part of making it all work out well was getting our friends together and assigning people tasks/responsibilities – usually, one each so it’s not too much to deal with and they can still enjoy themselves.

I think one thing people don’t realise is that seating plans for dinner take time. They’re a science! And because they’re done relatively close to finalising everything it can be pretty stressful.

It’s a cliche but just enjoy it. While at times it was a little stressful I just tried to remind myself that it was mainly a party (not thinking of it as a wedding made it surprisingly easier for me) and we were bringing people we love together from all over for a chance to celebrate and have some fun!”

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bride with her hair covered and her groom are walking through London with the London eye in the background

6. Plan for the Great British weather

You know and I know that we simply cannot plan for the weather. Whilst some may declare it’s good luck if it rains on your wedding day, I know you might not feel the same way, so here’s what you can do. This is really where finding the right venue and suppliers to work with comes into play. You can find a venue that can cater for all types of weather, (you can read all about the questions you need to ask your venue here). You can speak to your photographer about options for wet weather photos and you can embrace the weather and have fun with it! If it looks like rain I always bring a large umbrella with me, that works a treat for couple photos in the rain. 

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7. Don’t let the little things bother you!

You’ve worked so hard planning this big day, you must remember that all of those little things that might be upsetting you don’t really matter in the grand scheme of things. Focus on the real reason the wedding is happening in the first place: so you can marry the person you love. Whenever something goes wrong, just take a deep breath and don’t let it ruin your special day. No one is going to notice the little details as much as you do, and what you will remember is how happy you were on your wedding day. The only truly important thing is that the two of you say ‘I do’ and get married!

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I hope this ultimate guide to take away wedding day stress has helped you plan for a wedding day without stress. If you are hungry for more wedding planning tips then do check out my wedding planning guide which will help you! If have any questions or want to check my availability to photograph your wedding, please do get in touch.

Fee x