Throwing Confetti at Weddings – Top Tips for amazing confetti Photos

Throwing confetti at weddings is a tradition that dates back centuries. Did you know that in its first incarnation, confetti was actually grains of rice? While neither the most comfortable nor the most beautiful, rice was symbolic of fertility, which won it a place in wedding days. I get asked a lot how to get the best photos of throwing confetti at weddings, so I thought I’d share my top tops here for you.

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What type of confetti should we choose?

Throwing confetti at weddings has evolved. Now, there is all manner of paper confetti to peruse, from elegantly cut shapes to romantic flutters taken from a book. There is also sequin confetti for the boho couple and real flower petal confetti. The latter is becoming ever-more popular thanks to its dreamy palette of petal colours and the fact it is biodegradable. If you want to add a little scent to your confetti you can include lavender in the mix.


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Where is the best place for throwing confetti at weddings?

There are two sides to this story. The first is guided by your venue. Ask your venue coordinator where you can and can’t throw confetti on the premises. You might not be expecting it, but they often do have rules. These could also be hidden away in your venue contract if you’d rather do some reading.

It may be that there’s no confetti inside, but the gardens are fine. It may also be that you can only throw confetti at all if it is biodegradable. A quick check with the coordinator will ensure you invest in the best confetti for your own wedding and know where you can use it.

The second half of this story involves your photographer. Having captured dozens of beautiful photos of throwing confetti at weddings I am always happy to help choose the perfect spot for confetti throwing.

You’re looking for an area where your guests can gather with a pretty backdrop and plenty of natural light too. There need to be lots of space around you and no clutter from furniture or props. Just you, your favourite people and abundant natural light while the confetti rains down.


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How can we create the best confetti photos?

One of the single most important things to do when planning the perfect confetti photo is to buy a lot of it. You should be aiming for a good handful per person and then add a bit more. This means your pictures will have enough to be seen and to make an impact. It also gives you the opportunity for a take two, if you want it.

You can also help your confetti photos by briefing your guests first. Do they know that throwing confetti at weddings is best done by throwing the petals upwards, rather than at you? However tempting it is to throw confetti in the groom’s face…! Decorative confetti cones can help make this easier to manage if your spending power allows. If you want to go all out, confetti canons are awesome.

When it’s time for you to do the ‘confetti run’ enjoy the moment. It’s a fun time for your guests, as they celebrate you saying ‘I do’, and it’s fun for you to greeted with cheers and showered with petals. Grab your loved one’s hands, smile your widest smile and enjoy the celebrations…and then be prepared to dig confetti out of the front of your dress, remove it from your hair and extracate it from pockets afterwards!


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How can we make our confetti photos unique?

Easily some of the most intensely emotional, romantic and fun photos are confetti photos. I’m specifically thinking of those that are captured moments after the ceremony, as the beaming newlyweds walk out to an audience of family and friends and the confetti showers down.

These confetti photos will radiate love and happiness. In a light-filled, natural setting, they’ll become one of your favourite pictures from the day.

For less spontaneous but equally as special confetti photos, there are many setups you could try. This could be on the steps of your venue, with everyone gathered around. It could be after you have cut the cake, or maybe be during your first dance.  Find all of these ideas and more on my confetti ideas Pinterest board.

Throwing confetti at weddings is a truly wonderful thing to photograph. It’s romantic, it’s whimsical, it’s fun and it’s full of emotion, while also being a great way to capture a group photo with your guests.


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If your venue doesn’t allow confetti, then bubbles are a brilliant alternative. Get yourself some bubbles guns (if you have kids at the wedding they will love this… also works for big kids!) or lots of little bubble pots and get ready to have fun as you are surrounded by bubbles.

bubbles confetti


bubbles confetti

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Above all else, the throwing of confetti marks the start of the wedding celebrations. It’ the moment your guests can get excited, cheer and share your joy at getting married.

I hope this guide to throwing confetti at weddings has given you plenty of inspiration for your own big day. You can see more of my confetti photos in action by browsing my real weddings.

Thanks for popping by.
Fiona x

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