My top 10 blog posts of 2021

Hello! Im changing things up a bit for my review post this year. I am going to share some of my favourite photos from 2022 soon (once I finish going through them all and actually making decisions on what to include… it’s very difficult as I love so many!), but while I am procrastinating on what images to share I thought it might be fun to share some of my top blog posts.

These are the posts that have been most read, most shared and the ones people just love! It’s such an interesting thing to see what posts grab people and what people are checking out. So without any further chat, here you go….

My Top 10 blog posts of 2021! Feel free to click through, read and share!

Where do wedding cake traditions come from? The wedding cake & champagne toasts.

I love finding out about the whys and wherefores of all parts of our life today and how things came about. Incredibly this blog post we wrote 7 years ago as part of my wedding traditions and where they come from series continues to do amazingly well. I have updated it with some of my latest gorgeous weddings from 2021. Read about the tradition of wedding cake and champagne toasts here.

Why is there a first dance at a wedding? Where does this tradition come from?

Did you know there’s a whole story behind why there’s traditionally a first dance at the wedding? The traditions and history of the traditional English wedding are such an amazing mix of myths and reasons and I am a big fan of my couples choosing what they want to do with their wedding day. So again, when we wrote this blog about “Why is there a first dance at a wedding?” as part of my wedding traditions and where they come from series, we didn’t realise that it would continue to be so popular so I’ve updated it with some new images from my amazing 2021 weddings.Read about the tradition of why is there a first dance at a wedding here.

Nine ways on how to make the group photos easy.

There’s so much to think about when it comes to planning a wedding (which is why I love sharing my advice in my wedding top tips series) and one of the things that can create some challenges is deciding on who is in which photo on the big day. No doubt you’ll have family and friends who have ‘requests’ and the whole thing can be tricky to manage, so I thought I’d share my advice on how to make the group wedding photos easy.

London wedding photography – an intimate London wedding at Marylebone Town Hall.

This wedding was so beautiful for many reasons, but also because it was in Autumn 2020 there were restrictions in place which made it all the more intimate. With a beautiful ceremony at the stunning Marylebone Town Hall and then a stunning reception at Bob Bob Ricard, You can read all about this intimate Marylebone Town Hall wedding photography here.

London Wedding Photography – Intimate wedding at Pembroke Lodge

I loved this wedding with Cynthia and Panawat at Pembroke Lodge, full of gorgeous autumnal colours and a beautiful + intimate setting due to Covid restrictions. With heartfelt speeches over drinks and canapes, you could really feel the love. You can read all about this elegant and relaxed Pembroke Lodge wedding photography here.

London Wedding Photography – Japan meets New Zealand for this gorgeous Horniman Museum wedding

This wedding at Horniman Museum really was a beautiful blend of cultures with Japan meets New Zealand theme due to the mixed heritages of the couple. Amy and Jason included Bonzai and paper cranes made by Amy’s mum, and there was a surprise Haka for Jason by the Ngati Ranana Maori Club – a first for me! You can read all about this gorgeous Horniman Museum wedding photography here.

London wedding photography – Outdoor garden wedding at Horniman Museum

What I love about being a recommended supplier (Are you Fee?) at the Horniman Museum is that each wedding I photograph there is so unique. So even though I have two Horniman Museum weddings in my top ten most read blogs of 2021, they are both so different. You can find out my top tips on how to make your wedding unique to you here. You can read all about Molly & Johnny’s wonderful Horniman Museum wedding photography here.

London wedding photography – An elegant 10-11 Carlton House Terrace wedding with a first look

When Helen and Rory got in touch with plans for this stylish city wedding, I was very excited. They had a first look which was a lovely moment to capture and they had a gorgeous cocktail reception for their 10-11 Carlton House Terrace wedding. With the bride in Stephanie Allin and the groom in a tux, it was a truly stylish day. You can read all about this elegant 10-11 Carlton House Terrace wedding photography here.

Destination Wedding Photography – Stunning wedding in Tuscany with a coral Oscar De La Renta dress

This wedding truly had the wow factor. From the incredible coral Oscar de la Renta wedding dress, the two day event with incredible details and Indian wedding traditions, I am not surprised that this wedding continues to be popular seven years on. You can read all about this amazing 2 day destination wedding in Tuscany here.

Wedding Photography Top Tips – Throwing Confetti at Weddings

It seems fitting that we end this roundup on my tenth most popular wedding blog of 2021 with throwing confetti at weddings, why we even do it traditionally, and what kind of alternative confetti ideas you can use. There’s loads of wedding inspiration here for you, so you can read all about why we throw confetti at weddings here.

So there you go. From wedding traditions to throwing confetti with some beautiful weddings in the middle. I hope you found these interesting and maybe got a little inspiration for your own wedding.

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