Personalising your wedding / the little details that make your wedding unique

Personalising your wedding with details.

When it comes to planning your wedding day, you want it to be absolutely perfect for you and your intended! Whether you want a hog roast, your favourite flower in your bouquet, an outdoor ceremony or you have your heart set on a particular lovely wedding photographer (shameless plug!), everyone has something different that is a ‘must have’ on their big day.

But if there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that you want it to be personal to the both of you. From the Save The Dates to the Honeymoon, you want your big day to positively radiate that zsa-zsa-zsu, that je ne sais quoi that is uniquely your style, personality and history together.

Luckily there are a multitude of things you can do when designing your wedding to achieve this, all in a range of budgets and time commitments. So to assist in your planning I have started this short series of blog posts dedicated to all the ways you can personalise your wedding.

To begin with I want to talk about personalising your wedding with detailing. The little things you can buy, make and design that are easy to personalise to make them relate back what is uniquely you as a couple.

The Altar

Depending on the venue you may be able to decorate and accessorise the altar to make it fit your theme and style. Whether you have an aisle, stage, gazebo, trellis, arch or arbor you can use anything to make it your own. Fit a backdrop in, cover the arches in fairylights or materials like satin, silk and lace. You can use flowers, photos, ribbons, quirky trinkets; there’s an endless amount of possibilities. Let your imagination flow!

Beautiful floral archway creative wedding photography

The Centrepieces

I love flowers and always enjoy seeing the beautiful floral creations on the tables, however, it can be a bit of a lost opportunity to call it a day at just flowers. Mini blackboards are a great way to show off your favourite quotes, or even have the flower vases embellished with your names/important dates. Trinkets can work here too; hats, mini gramophones, plants and herbs that people can take home, mini birdcages, candles with your favourite scents. You can put anything in the middle of a table, so pick something with meaning to you that will personalise your wedding centrepieces.

Elegant wedding table centrepieces Fiona Kelly Photography


The Flowers

Flowers are a huge part of any wedding day, but people often lose sight of how they can be made into a feature of personalising your wedding beyond choosing their favourite flower in the bridal bouquet. Although certainly, you should do that!

But there’s more potential for flowers than you might think. For a long time flowers were used to convey a particular message or meaning. Red roses symbolise love and desire, anemones symbolise anticipation and hydrangeas symbolise heartfelt emotion. You could have some fun and use the language of flowers to share your thoughts on your wedding day. Why not read more in my wedding top tips post all about wedding flowers

Beautiful bridal floral bouquet natural wedding photography

There are other ways you can think about using and choosing your flowers. You’re from Scotland? Put some heather and thistles out in the centrepieces! Were there flowers in the vicinity when something significant happened between you both? Or perhaps a loved one who is no longer with you had a favourite flower you can feature on the wedding party table? Use them to accessorise your ceremony and reception; pew ends, chairs, cocktail tables, signs, rafters. You could even include dried flowers inside your invites or thank you notes.

Rustic wedding decor with foliage bunting Creative wedding photography rose chair decoration

The Accessories

What a word to describe such a wide array of things! A massively important part of personalising your wedding with details is your choice of accessories. This could apply to your decorations in the venue and reception; your linens, your table settings, your dining wares, your signage, your favours. Any of these things can be accessorised with your own personal touch. If you’re having a festival theme you can provide hay bales for your guests to sit on. If you met while travelling why not include an item from each of the countries you have visited. Maybe incorporate something from your first date, such as a type of food you ate. You get the idea!

Personalised wedding table nameRustic wedding table decor natural wedding photography Pink origami table decorElegant wedding table decor with sweets capturing your wedding day

If you’re big travellers consider using a globe instead of a guestbook that people can sign. A jigsaw puzzle can be used for the same thing for our more logical couples.

Unique wedding guest book globe capturing your wedding day

But don’t forget accessorising your person, too. You might have your bow tie or the hem of the inside of your bridal gown monogrammed with your two initials, or maybe your wedding date engraved onto a set of cufflinks.

Wedding day cufflinks engraved with date Wedding date engraved cufflinks Fiona Kelly Photography

If you have a theme, or something in particular that means a lot to you as a couple, always find ways that you can include it in these little details instead of opting for the generic style. Whether it’s subtle or not, the ways you can personalise your wedding with detailing are endless! Have fun coming up with ways to accessories, so all the small touches become very personal to you.

Personalised winter wedding cake

Make sure you check back for the next installment of this blog series where we’ll be talking about the ways you can personalise your wedding with stationery.

I’d love to hear more about your ideas for personalising your wedding so do get in touch.

Thanks for popping by

Fiona x

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