Prints, Albums & Enjoying your Wedding Photos

The perfect reminder of your wedding day

I love the nostalgia of wedding albums

Do you remember being a kid and finding that box of old family photos? Or discovering a wedding album and seeing photos of your parents and grandparents when they were young?

I recently rediscovered a box of film slides that my Dad took when I was little. He was an amateur photographer and took so many photos when I was young. I remember as a kid we would set up the slide projector and screen, turn off the lights, cuddle up on the sofa and spend the evening looking through the slides. We would laugh at the clothes worn, the hairstyles of the time and talk about where the photos were taken and the people who were there. I have such vivid memories of doing this and love how those photos connect me to the time, place and people.

This is why photos are important, and why I love creating amazing albums for my couples and families.

There is a beauty and realness to a photograph that is printed

Maybe it’s because of my graphic design background but I love an album! I love the touch of the paper, the solid feel of the book, the way the story of a wedding day can be told through each page. An album is always ready to be picked off the shelf, browsed through and shared.

Displayed in your home a simple print becomes a point of interest, something that is always there and can be looked at every time you wander past it. It’s a permanent reminder that can’t fade. Similarly a printed album becomes part of your family history, something to share and look at whenever the mood takes you. You may only look at it a handful of times, but there is something so special about turning those pages and having those memories flood back.

Choosing to have your family or wedding photos printed and bound in an album is something you will never regret doing. When ordering an album, each one is a bespoke design and all family and wedding albums are designed to be contemporary yet timeless. Beautiful in both style and quality…your first family heirloom.

Albums can be added to your photography package at the time of booking, or you may also wish to come back after your wedding or family shoot to choose your album. There is no hard and fast rule, whatever is right for you. If you love the idea of having additional albums for your parents or family, duplicate copies are also available.

There is no time limit on getting your album. Whether it’s six months or two years after the wedding I’m happy to help you create the most wonderful lasting memory.

Prints for your home

Making the perfect gift for your home, your family and loved ones

If you love the idea of printing your photos but aren’t ready for an album yet, I also offer a wonderful selection of printed products. From fine art prints and cards, to beautiful print portfolios and canvases ready to hang on your wall. 

It can be exciting planning how you are going to print your photos and enjoy them every day. Let me know what you would like to do with your photos and I can help make it happen.

Print Portfolios


Also available: Canvas in different sizes, print packs, individual print options. Get in touch to find out the full details and pricing options.