My Top 10 Most Read Wedding Planning Advice Tips in 2022

Oh wow, it’s so lovely to look back at the year, and what a year! I’ve photographed some amazing couples and gorgeous weddings and I’m so happy that my advice blogs here help so many. I thought I’d create a roundup and highlight some popular advice posts, so here I am with my Top 10 Most Read Wedding Planning Advice Tips in 2022!

1. Wedding Group Photos Made Easy

I love each and every part of photographing a wedding day, but the logistics of getting the group wedding photos sorted can be tricky! I wanted to break it down so you can plan them ahead of time, then you can enjoy them and get back to your guests. Here are my nine ways on how to make group wedding photos easy.

Here are my top tips for making group photos easy!

editorial style group wedding photography how to make group wedding photos easy


2. Wedding Traditions – Why do we have wedding cakes and do toasts at a wedding?

I think you are going to enjoy this post – it’s about cake and champagne, need I say more? Today I’m very happy to be talking about cake and champagne (it’s a nice day!) I love how much attention goes into all the details at the weddings I am lucky enough to photograph, and to continue my Wedding Traditions series sharing my wedding planning advice tips, I want to talk about the symbolism of wedding cake and champagne toasts at your wedding.

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why do we have wedding cake at weddings? Horniman Museum wedding cake


3. Wedding Traditions – Why do we have a first dance at a wedding?

I love finding out about the whys and wherefores of all parts of our life today and how things came about. This is also true when it comes to looking at wedding traditions and why they exist. By looking at how these traditions began it feels like it’s bringing the past to life. Why is there a first dance at a wedding? Just as interesting in my day-to-day working life is how couples choose to make the traditions their own, to reflect their own uniqueness in such wonderful ways. Some choose to stick to the traditions, some add their own take to them and some ignore them altogether in favour of starting their own new family traditions! There is no right or wrong way, just the right way for you. This is what makes photographing weddings such fun and so personal.

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why do we have a first dance at weddings? Just married couple dancing in front of wedding guests


4. Wedding Planning Advice Tips – My Wedding Planning Checklist

Now that you’re engaged, it’s likely you have thousands of wedding planning questions. Whether it’s selecting the right theme, your reception songs, or the menu, wedding planning can be a bit overwhelming. A great way to start you off on the right track is to make a wedding planning checklist and timeline that is easy for you to follow and that covers all the right tasks.

Check out my wedding planning checklist here

wedding planning tips - planning london wedding - happy married couple sitting on park bench


5. Find your Perfect Wedding Reading

Finding the perfect wedding reading can be a tricky thing. You want something that will capture the essence of your relationship, something that sums up the two of you, a reading that is uniquely you. During my time photographing weddings, I have heard many wedding readings. Some are heartfelt and beautiful, some are fun and quirky and some are truly personal.  You need to decide on the style of reading you would like, be that serious or a little more lighthearted. If you are lucky enough to have a friend or family member who is a talented writer that is a very special way to incorporate a personal reading.

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6. Wedding Traditions – Why do we throw confetti at weddings?

Throwing confetti at weddings is a tradition that dates back centuries. Did you know that in its first incarnation, confetti was actually grains of rice? While neither the most comfortable nor the most beautiful, rice was symbolic of fertility, which won it a place in wedding days. I get asked a lot about how to get the best photos of throwing confetti at weddings, so I thought I’d share my top tips here for you.

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why do we throw confetti at weddings bride in short dress smiling at groom as confetti is thrown on them


7. Your wedding should be as unique as you are

A wedding is a celebration of two people choosing to make a commitment to each other. It’s the coming together of two people’s plans, dreams, and passions. It’s the culmination of days, weeks, and months of planning, ideas, and hopes. This is why it’s so important that you have a wedding that is right for you. A day that reflects who you are, what you love, and what’s important to you.

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bride in lilac wedding dress sitting on park bench next to groom


8. Wedding Traditions – Why do we have bridesmaids and ushers? 

In this blog I talk about the wedding party – why do we have bridesmaids and ushers? What are the traditions and reasons for weddings to have a best man, ushers, groomsmen, and bridesmaids? Many brides and grooms find that they need the support of their best friends and closest relatives around them to prepare for their wedding day, and I quite like that these roles are quite ancient and have unusual beginnings!

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smiling boho bride with large flower crown holding bold beautiful bouquets with bridesmaids


9. Wedding Planning Advice Tips – I Don’t Like Being Photographed – what should I do?

Don’t feel comfy having your photo taken? Me neither! But it really doesn’t have to be something you worry about on your wedding day. If you are thinking “I don’t like being photographed” then this post is for you as I share my wedding planning advice tips. I’ll explain how to look your best in wedding photos and how to pose without posing.

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10. Wedding Planning Advice Tips – How to get the best photos during your wedding speeches

Here I share some top wedding planning advice tips about actually writing the speech, as well as getting the best out of your wedding photos during speeches. Despite what you may initially think, you do have options for where and when to do the speeches.

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mother giving speech at wedding

And that’s it! I hope you found my wedding planning advice tips posts helpful. If you enjoyed reading my Top 10 Most Read Wedding Planning Advice Tips in 2022 and want me to photograph your wedding, do check out my wedding photography pricing page here.

If you have any questions about planning your wedding please do get in touch. I’d be happy to help.

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