Paul & Fabien’s stylish gay wedding in Battersea with the grooms in pastel suits

On a beautiful, warm day in summer, Paul and Fabien stood in Wandsworth Town Hall and became husband and husband. They were surrounded by friends and family. All the people who loved them the most and who were so thrilled to see this amazing couple pledge to spend their lives together. From the first time I spoke to Paul and Fabien, I wanted to photograph their wedding. They are fun and warm and madly in love! I loved spending time with them on the day. It was a complete pleasure from start to finish and I was sad to say bye and leave them partying the night away.

Most weddings are emotional, but this one felt that little bit more than most. Whether it was the fact that Paul wears his heart on his sleeve or the fact that it meant so much that they could finally be married legally. It was partly that their families and friends had travelled from far and wide to be there and partly that everyone knew how special Paul and Fabien are and how perfect they are together. Seeing them marry was one of those times that warmed my heart and made me remember what it’s like to have that one person in your life who makes you feel whole. There were tears galore! There was laughter, hugs, warmth, love and a lot of awesome dancing.

Paul and Fabien chose to keep the day very local to them. They live in Battersea, so marrying at Wandsworth Town Hall was perfect. After the ceremony, and some confetti fun, everyone piled onto the big red London Bus and we were driven to the reception, which was held in their local pub The Woodman. As locals go it’s an awesome place. A cosy space at the front opens to a spacious and light area, where they had dinner and a little courtyard beer garden out the back. As we arrived the most delicious drinks were being served, Prosecco with Grapefruit syrup…you HAVE to try these! Paul, Fabien and I took a wander down to the river. We took photos around the area that they lived in, places they loved and buildings that they walked by on their day to day journeys. We had a fun little jaunt on the way back when I took photos of them on the balcony of their flat, from the block of flats opposite! It was great fun doing something different and making use of the buildings and urban space.

Gay Wedding in Battersea

The couple had chosen to have the dining area decorated with the prettiest mix-matched flowers, in shades of blues and pinks, that matched the amazing pastel suits that the grooms wore. There was a wonderfully relaxed and slightly rustic feel to the decor. The favours were handmade candles in vintage teacups (handmade my Fabien). They brought some of their favourite things to the day by having a strawberry cake with R2D2 and C3PO as cake toppers. Boxes of Lego and Star Wars toys were brought for the kids (and some of the adults) to keep themselves amused during the reception.

It was a perfect day for a perfect couple. For them to have their wedding in Battersea, only moments from their home, was a really special thing. A wonderful day that I am thrilled to share, and to top it off London Bride featured this wedding on their blog – amazing.

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Hope you have enjoyed this wonderful gay wedding in Battersea. It was a joy to be a part of it and to celebrate with a wonderful couple.

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Thanks for popping by.

Fiona x