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July 2, 2020

A selection of Family Photography Highlights

Confession time. I haven’t had family photography or a shoot myself for 5 years! I am always the one taking the photos (not really a surprise) so most family pictures don’t even have me in. When I am in a photo its a selfie, and honestly I take the worst selfies ever! Phew… there you go.

I am remedying that this year. It’s about time we had some new family photos taken. How about you? Is this your situation too? Are you always the one taking the photos on your iPhone?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for capturing the day to day moments with a phone camera. Much of my own family photography is done this way. But nothing beats having a wonderful collection of photos and a proper photoshoot. Photos you can print out and have around the house. Daily reminders of the fun, the giggles, the hugs and the love.

Is this the year you will invest in some family photography? Now feels like a good time to celebrate family and our nearest and dearest. It’s been a hell of a start to a year and a real challenge for many with worries and fears for loved ones. But this is also exactly the time to create those memories. Take those photos (yes, even the iPhone ones), capture those smiles and enjoy the cuddles. Make the most of being with the people you love the most.

Like memories and stories, photographs are part of our legacy. We cherish them and pass them to the next generation. It’s such a gift to be able to share a reminder of people, places and events. Sharing these captured moments so our loved ones can share in the joy we felt at a particular time in our lives. Family photography connects us to where we come from and to the people who came before us.

I love family photography. It’s something I have enjoyed doing for a number of years. I often undertake family photoshoots for the couples whose weddings I have photographed. It’s the next step in their story and it’s wonderful to be there to document the time as their families grow and change.

If you want to be in the photos and have someone else capture the joy and fun then get in touch. I would love to give you photos to treasure and capture some fabulous memories for you and your loved ones.

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I’m a London Family Photographer but am happy to travel to photograph fabulous families across the South East of England. Happily offering Surrey family photography, Kent family photography, Hertfordshire family photography, East Sussex family photography, West Sussex family photography and London family photography.

If you would love some wonderful, relaxed family photos and enjoy some fun times with your loved ones get in touch to chat more.

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