Ideas for using your photos to personalise your phone and more

November 29, 2019

Ideas for using your photos to personalise your everyday gadgets.

As a wedding photographer and London family photographer, I am always interested in finding new ways for printing and sharing the photos I take.

I love printing photos and get very excited when my clients tell me they have their photos printed and displayed all over their house! But there are now many other ways that you can print those special images. I often come across ideas for using your photos to personalise items you use in day to day life and am always intrigued. After all, if you have fabulous photos of your wedding day or your family why not have them with you? A couple of years ago I pulled together a load of my own family photos and had them printed onto small magnets. These now live on our fridge. I love seeing them every day, they always make me smile.

Recently I found the website My Personalised Case and was really interested in what they were doing. They specialise in personalised gadgets, such as phone cases, tablet cases and powerbanks.

To see what they were offering, I decided to create a couple of phone covers using some of my own images. One from a recent wedding and one from a family shoot. Using the site it was very easy to personalise the items you buy with your own photos and text. The process is very simple and straightforward with templates to use and the option to have single or multiple images. I chose to go with a single image on each cover but chose two different types. One soft silicone case and one hard cover.

Here you can see the final results.

The Soft Silicone Case

The Hard Case

I was impressed with the print quality on the cases. The detail was held well and it was a good reproduction of the original images. These would make brilliant presents or stocking fillers. I can totally imagine my own parents loving the idea of having a photo of their grandchild on their phone case! Check out the personalised iPhone cases here.

Do get in touch if you have found great ways to print the photos you love the most. In this time of digital, printing your photos is a wonderful thing to do. I love a printed photo and printed albums will always be a joy to create and share. You can see more about my albums and prints here. If you like the idea of a family photoshoot you can find more information here.

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