How to plan a small wedding

What with lockdown and different government restrictions in place at different times, more and more couples are planning a small wedding. And I dont blame you! So I thought it apt to write a blog on how to plan a small wedding.

I love the big celebrations don’t get me wrong but what I really love is seeing a couple in love, with a celebration that is as unique as them

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Whatever the reason for planning a small wedding, there are still many options available to you, so don’t think it’s limiting or a letdown. I’ve photographed hundreds of couples and have a lot of experience supporting couples with planning advice so here are my top ten things to consider on how to plan a small wedding in 11 steps.

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1. Have your small wedding now, big party later

If you’ve been dreaming of a bigger crowd of family and friends at your wedding don’t forget you can have the wedding now and have a bigger party at a later date. You can have a symbolic ceremony at that party even! There are lots of ways to do it.

Cordi & Simon did just this with their small wedding ceremony + big pub party across two days in London

2. You can use your wedding budget differently

Just because you’re planning a smaller wedding doesn’t mean you have to cut corners although of course your overall costs may be considerably lower. In fact I’ve seen couples spend more on food + drink + cake because they have less people to feed!


3. It takes a village to have a small wedding

Of course as I’ve been involved in the wedding world for 10 years now I have seen just what a difference getting other people involved in your wedding day can make. Whether you’re going all in on the DIY or whether you’re paying professionals to do it, don’t be afraid of adding special details to your day to make it as unique as you. Use your favourite colours in your flowers, get unique cake toppers to represent you, you name it!

My 10 years as a wedding photographer


4. Go for it with choosing your wedding outfits

It’s up to you whether you go formal or informal, whether you go all out with a black tie wedding or converse shoes, but choose outfits that you love. There’s no one else to please, it’s your day.


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5. Choose your wedding photographer wisely

Obviously I am biased, but no matter the size of your wedding, you’ll want to capture the day the best way possible, so choose your wedding photographer wisely. Whether they have photographed at your venue or not, it doesn’t necessarily matter, but it does matter that they have a style that you like, they have experience they can show you and that they have great testimonials (link to testimonials) and a price that suits you! Of course the vital thing is that you get on with them well as due to being a smaller wedding, the photographer will be part of an event with fewer people to hide behind!

I’m offering special micro-wedding and small wedding options, so do get in touch.


6. Hire a wedding coordinator – they know how to plan a small wedding

Even small weddings can be logistically complicated, so I always recommend hiring a wedding coordinator, a professional who will help the day run smoothly. There are many moving parts – the venue, the flowers, the cake, the guests, you as the couple. Plus any rules you need to be aware of. To help everyone have the best time possible, do consider this option.

If you aren’t sure about the roles of a wedding planner/coordinator, take a look at this post: what does a wedding planner / wedding coordinator do?


7. Spending time with loved ones

With fewer guests you get to choose more time with each of them, something that isn’t possible on a wedding day with 200 guests. The day goes by in a flash, and there’s a lot going on, so spending this time with your small group will be even more special. This also brings up the idea of choosing who you invite wisely as you’ll be spending that much more time with them!


8. You could open a livestream

With technology – anything is possible! In order to get more people to join in your wedding day, like friends and family who live far away, you could set up a camera in the corner and send them a link to join in the special day. You could go one step further and hire a videographer to do this for you and even get the guests to record special moments and messages.


9. Choose your venue wisely

No matter what style of venue you choose, whether it’s an outdoor wedding ceremony or country house wedding, a barn wedding or a pub wedding, you need to choose your venue wisely and check that they can cater to a small party, help you decorate the space so the space feels intimate, suitable for your small wedding.


10. Cut out what doesn’t matter

At the end of the day, planning a small wedding shows you what you really don’t want out of your day. I remember a bride who didn’t care for flowers, so she cut them out, and that’s fine! Spend your money on what you want out of the day and enjoy it!

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I hope you found this helpful when thinking about how to plan a small wedding. If you want any more planning tips, please do check out my planning guide as many couples find it very useful. And of course if you’re looking for a photographer, then do get in touch for my special prices for small weddings.

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