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May 30, 2019

How to personalise your wedding with stationery

I am often asked for ideas on how to personalise your wedding. I have photographed over 350 weddings and seen a lot of ideas, styles and ways to add personalisation. There are lots of little things you can do to include that personal touch to make your wedding style uniquely yours.

Today I would like to chat about the ways you can personalise your wedding with stationery choices. With all the paperwork required to make a wedding day flow, you’d be amazed at how you might forget to personalise it all beyond simply stamping your name on something. Stationery is probably one of the easiest ways to start personalising your wedding. Not only through colour choices, but with texture, font, design, art and material choices. You can experiment with all these elements in order to share your style and capture who you are as a couple.

So, in this post, I’ll hopefully get your creative juices flowing from your Save The Dates to your Thank You Notes.



During the wedding, you’re going to want to make sure your guests know where they’re supposed to be. Aside from the program, it may be required to have some signs posted around the venue so that everyone knows where they’re going for each part of the day.

This is a great opportunity for you to include some more of those signature stylish elements into your design. Think outside of the box a little. Anything you can write on can be used as a sign. Wooden boards, blackboards, glass panels and mirrors are pretty popular and great to use. You can decorate and accessorise any kind of sign to your heart’s content. Think about flowers, ribbons and balloons as other ways you can add some extra design elements.

Pre And Post Wedding

Your Save The Dates, Invites and Thank You Notes don’t have to be dull or perfunctory either. There’s plenty of potential with these to start telling your story.

Never forget the importance of art and design. Knowing the date and time of the wedding is great, but if you’re having a dog-friendly wedding – draw a picture of a dog inside. Big Harry Potter fans? Have your invites sent on parchment with ink! Did you meet in Japan? Have some Japanese lettering. You want these little things to be keepsakes to you and those closest to you, after all, so enjoy making them personal!

Wedding Stationery

When it comes to your actual wedding day, your programs, name cards, menus, signs, and table numbers can all be designed and personalised too.  Have a think about textiles, materials, fonts, illustrations. Bring elements of your heritage to the design. Maybe you’re into rugby, why not have the signs in the shape of rugby balls.

A great idea for table numbers is to have a part of your story together written on it, with the following part on a different table. It’s great to get everyone mingling in between courses.

Name cards are a great opportunity to be super personable with your guests. They could include a small picture of either yourself or your partner with the guest, a short anecdote or a personalised cocktail for each guest.

Fine art wedding photography Elegant wedding table decor


Other things you can personalise include your guestbook, napkins, seating chart, and sweetheart chairs. Your guestbook doesn’t even have to be paper. Consider a polaroid camera anyone can use to hang their pictures up on a wall for everyone to see and contribute to.

Personalising your wedding stationery doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive, but if you’re having trouble getting your imagination gears ticking, check out Pinterest. There’s plenty of inspiring ideas that you could easily adapt to your own personal interests and stories.

Make sure to check in again for more Wedding Top Tips and do check out my Planning Guide page to see what’s already there!


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