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December 19, 2019

How to Host a Sustainable Wedding

We have never been more aware of recycling, being eco-friendly and trying to live a more sustainable life. We all try to do our bit in day-to-day life, but how to host a sustainable wedding?

Did you know that the average wedding produces more than 400 pounds of rubbish? Eco-conscious couples now have more options than ever to favour more sustainable approaches. Single-use items can be replaced with reusable or secondhand options, and doing business with local suppliers who share a sustainable vision is getting easier all the time.

Going green can also good for your wallet. Many of the eco-friendly practices couples are opting for are actually cheaper than the alternatives.

Check out these top tips for how to plan your sustainable wedding celebration:

1. Choose an eco-conscious venue:

Your wedding venue plays a major role in your sustainable wedding celebration. Choose a like-minded venue who shares your eco-conscious values. Ask about waste removal practices and environmental certifications while you are touring your venue. You can find popular eco-friendly wedding venues in the UK.


2. Host your ceremony and reception outside:

Taking your celebrations outside lets you cut down on electricity and other energy usages. Sites such as campgrounds, gardens, and farms make great reception locations. Whether you are hosting a secret garden wedding or a festival wedding weekend, you can find an eco-friendly site to host you.


3. Go paperless:

Reduce the need for printed materials by going paperless! You can send out digital save the dates and invites, and communicate wedding weekend details to your guests using a wedding website. Create a free wedding website here.


4. Have a green wedding exit:

Don’t litter your venue entryway on your way out the door. Opt instead for a green wedding exit that ditches traditional confetti in favour of biodegradable options such as flower petals or leaves.


5. Embrace candlelight:

Turn up the romance and down the electricity. Candlelight creates a beautiful ambience and it’s also great for the environment. It will also help keep bugs away if you host your celebration outdoors.


6. Arrange transportation:

If your wedding reception is close to where you have the ceremony why not ask guests to walk. If you need transport then you can suggest carpooling or rent a bus for your wedding guests. I love the vintage bus Becky & Alex hire for their guests. This reduces carbon emissions and lets your guests enjoy a drink or two!


7. Choose seasonal flowers:

Rather than having florals shipped in, feature local blooms that your florist can purchase from local farms and gardens. You can also display potted plants in lieu of floral vase displays for a more eco-friendly option. Silk flowers are also an option if you want something that will last a bit longer. At the end of the day, why not let your guests take the flowers home? This way they are enjoyed for a few days after the wedding.


8. Rent your suits:

You and your groomsmen don’t have to buy new tuxes or suits in order to look good in photographs. Consider renting your suits to reduce costs and waste. You can even get your tuxes couriered to you using Moss Hire.


9. Buy vintage accessories:

Brides don’t have to buy brand new wedding fashion. Consider a vintage wedding dress or second-hand accessories such as a vintage veil. Antique jewellery is also timeless and classic.


10. Send leftovers home:

You can reduce waste and let your guests have a midnight snack on their way out the door by sending home leftovers. You can also look into donating food to a nearby shelter or nonprofit, or compost the food waste.

If you are planning a sustainable wedding I would love to hear what you are doing. You can get some more ideas by checking out this great article by 77 Diamonds London about hosting a sustainable wedding.

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