Five reasons to have an off season wedding (that aren’t covid related)

Of course, with everything going on as it is, we don’t know when weddings will be back again (although I live in hope that it’s soon!) I’ve spent a lot of time speaking to my couples who have had to postpone their weddings sometimes multiple times, and my heart is truly with you all. So many couples I speak to have had to change plans or compromise on what they originally wanted for their big day and actually I see there are a lot of reasons (that aren’t Covid related) to have an off season wedding.

First of all, when is the wedding season?

The typical wedding season in the UK is from May to September as the British weather has a better chance of being nice. If you’re having a destination wedding then, of course, this will change depending on where you’re getting married. The busy-ness picks up again in December as a Christmas wedding is increasingly popular but it’s also a popular time for Christmas and holiday parties.

Why is an off season wedding good?

In this blog post, I break down five reasons why you should consider having an off season wedding.

1. It’s often more budget-friendly

Now I know the wedding budget isn’t the sexiest point to start off with, but we all know how easily wedding planning can go off on, shall we say, tangents. The list of ‘must-haves’ grows and grows, and suddenly you’re insisting on an elaborate day on a tight budget. Stop right there. If you choose non-peak times of year you can check if your venue has a special offer available, as many do. Speak to your wedding suppliers to see if they too offer any options on packages.

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2. You don’t mind about the weather

Of course in the UK the weather is unpredictable at best. We like summer weddings because the weather is more likely to be decent, but there is no guarantee. If your wedding is entirely inside you may not care about the weather, as it will be gorgeous no matter what the weather.

3. You actually prefer the cooler weather

What’s this, a second point about the weather? Yes, really. Some people prefer the cooler weather and there are many reasons for this, so if this is your preference, don’t listen to the naysayers, you do you!

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4. The photos can be incredible

Of course, I may be biased in this, but if you have an off season wedding it really can produce beautiful photographs of your spring, autumn or winter wedding. You can get THE BEST sunsets in Autumn! The light is different at different times of the year and the right photographer can help you capture the most beautiful memories of your wedding day.

5. Because you want to!

Needless to say, you don’t actually need a reason. If your wedding has been postponed because of Covid, everyone will simply be glad that you’re having a wedding and be happy for you.

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If this has inspired you to consider an off season wedding do tell me in the comments, I’d love to know. And if you’d like to chat about booking me to be your off season wedding photographer then do get in touch.

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