Hi, I’m Fiona…or Fee as most people call me and I’m the one behind the camera. I specialise in beautiful, natural and creative wedding photography. I’m based in London but shoot weddings all over the UK.

I live in Purley, South London, in a beautiful house with my husband, son and our crazy cat, Chilli. Together we love to travel, go on countryside adventures, play games and watch films (I am now a connoisseur of animated films). I’m originally from the Lake District and still keeping a hold on my northern accent, even after 20 years living in the South. I’m a bit of a tom-boy at heart and I don’t feel right if my hair isn’t slightly on the wild side. When I’m not busy photographing weddings, you will generally find me racing around trying to keep up with my son (who has enough energy to power a small country!) Apart from eating a lot of cheese, one of my guilty pleasures is to watch musicals. From an early age I enjoyed being swept away in the stories and the singing, and nothing has changed much. I pretty much know The Sound of Music off by heart and cannot resist singing along (very badly)!

Photography wasn’t my first career. I first dabbled with taking photos many moons ago (I’m definitely not telling how many!), when I pinched my Dad’s old film camera and decided to have a go. I was lucky to have a dark room at school so (eventually) learned to use the camera, develop my own film, print my own photographs and do lots of experimenting! This early foray into photography got slightly sidetracked by a degree in Graphic Design and then a job as a Graphic Designer & Photographic Art Director. Little did I know at the time how many valuable skills I would learn as an Art Director, while travelling the world working on fashion, lifestyle and interiors shoots. My interest in people and my love of natural images, beautiful light and creative composition made for a perfect fit when I finally rediscovered photography and took the plunge, setting up Fiona Kelly Photography.



Since I started photographing weddings, over 250 couples have trusted me to capture their special day. I bring all that experience to your wedding. I know where to be at the right times and how the day flows. I know when to stay in the background and capture the moment from a distance, and when to step up to sort out the photos that need taking. I know how to help you keep calm when things get a little hectic and I have sorted out more veils than I can remember.

Over the years, I have had my work regularly featured in leading UK Wedding magazines and on highly respected blogs, such as Rock My Wedding, Love My Dress and 100 Layer Cake. You can check out some of my press features here

Above all else, I love photographing weddings. It really is my passion and I honestly can’t imagine doing anything else. I love to connect and find out about the people I photograph. How you met, your first date, your favourite film, where you are from and how you got here…planning your wedding day. I truly believe in equality and run my business with that in mind. I love that at this moment in time regardless of your race, gender or sexuality you can stand up next to the love of your life and say ‘I do’.

My style is relaxed and informal, creating beautiful, natural and vibrantly modern images that have a touch of romance and lots of fun. As well as capturing the big events of the day, I’m always looking out for the small moments. Things that might not even be noticed, but will create the most amazing memory after the day. Being able to capture a fleeting moment in time and record it forever is very special and something that means the world when photographing a wedding. I also have a bit of an obsession with sunsets and have been known to do a little happy dance when the light is just perfect (you have been warned)!

I believe in capturing your day as it unfolds naturally. No awkward poses or interfering. My approach is aimed at getting fabulous photos of your favourite people having the best day. If this sounds spot on, get in touch and tell me more about your plans.



Hi! I’m Jesse and I have been working with Fiona now for over three years and LOVE shooting weddings. I actually just love taking pictures of people. People are my favourite focus when pointing my camera out into the world. Even better when it is a day full of love, emotion and beauty – what a bonus.

My interest in photography started when my Granddad gave me my first camera. It was a Pentax P-30 and for all you camera novices out there, it was a body that you had to manually wind the film on with every photograph that you took.  I spent hours developing photographs in the red light of a dark room (after my Granddad had taught me how to not predominantly photograph body-less people and sky). I still love taking pictures on this film camera and really savouring every moment. Thinking about what photographs I am going to take to fill the 36 exposure roll.

I love to really capture a moment and perhaps this has filtered down from my love of condensing memories to one roll of film. Aside from photography I love to be outdoors and camping is a major hobby of mine. Give me a coast line and a tin cup full of tea, a blanket round my shoulders and I will be one content girl. My favourite way to spend the day would be somewhere in the sunshine (preferably in Australia but a back garden in the UK will suffice too) with a BBQ full of halloumi cheese, where the margaritas are flowing and the conversation is good. I love being by the sea and knitting a good scarf beside a fire when it is blustery and cold outside.

Travelling makes my heart happy and although I have travelled around the world [twice] I still feel everyday like my feet could lead me away to some adventure and I could travel the world all over again and would still find more places to explore. I hate to shop, unless it is pootling around a charity shop. I am half Danish, so I love pastries and any form of pickled cabbage. Within my flat you will find a massive collection of glass bottles, trinkets from my travels and pots of sea glass that I find walking along a beach.

Sea glass that gets washed up on the beach is hard to find – blink and you will miss it nestled beside the smooth stones. Just like sea glass a moment that gets captured on a camera can be missed if you are not looking in the right places. It is a good job that like a magpie I am drawn to these shiny moments and love to capture every part of a wedding day.

If you’re interested in booking Jesse for your wedding, don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can see Jesse’s photo gallery here.



Receiving awards or accolades is not the be all and end all by any means. Working with my amazing clients and making them happy is always my aim, however, it is always an honour to have my work recognised.

Honourable mention in the Junebug Best of the Best Wedding Photography, 2013

Regional Finalist for Best Wedding Photographer in The Wedding Industry Awards, 2015

Regional Finalist for Best Wedding Photographer in The Wedding Industry Awards, 2016

Named one of Go Hen’s Top 50 UK Wedding Photographers 2015

Awarded Licentiate by the British Institute of Professional Photographers (LBIPP) 2016

Named one of Go Hen’s Top 50 UK Wedding Photographers 2016

Named one of The Evening Standard’s 13 Best Wedding Photographers in London 2016

Named one of Go Hen’s Top UK Wedding Blogs 2017

Listed no. 19 in Feedspot’s Top 100 Wedding Photography Blogs & Websites 2017

Named one of Go Hen’s Top 50 UK Wedding Photographers 2017

Named one of Go Hen’s Top 50 UK Wedding Photographers 2018


Would you like to know more about the way I work? You can check out the pricing and information page here.


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